DIY Masks Ideas

DIY masquerade mask

If you like to be original and design your own mask, here are some ideas and tutorials that can help you.

DIY kids masks activities using recycled materials

We also have a range of masquerade masks that are easy to do and ideal for a kids birthday party or holiday activity. They will keep the children entertained and happy for hours. Most of them use recycled materials and are easy on the budget.

Making masks is fun, it helps develop kids creativity and imagination, and will keep them entertained for hours. If you have a group encourage them to create their own characters. When the masks are finished they can pretend to be their characters and create an impromptus play.You can also arrange for each kid to make a different character mask and at the end they all participate in a play. You could choose something like a pirate theme (kids love pirates) or a classic fairy tale.