Venetian Masquerade Masks Tradition

Venetian Carnival Masquerade Masks
Masks in Venice, Italy Venetian masks have been worn in Venice, Italy, since antiquity. Both men and women, were used to disguise themselves in their everyday life. This custom lasted for several centuries, from about the second half of 1200s' until the end of the Veneto Republic in 1797. Any servant could be mistaken for an aristocrat, and vice-versa. Men and women could b...
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Metal Masquerade Masks

Metal Masquerade Mask
Metal masks are all the rage right now, they are light with delicate lace patterns and decorated with crystals. Metal masquerade masks are laser cut for precision detail. They come in a range of colors: black (the most popular), silver, gold, blue, pink, red. Most of them have crystals, if the mask is made in Venice they are Swarovski crystals. Some masks have also glitter t...
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Venetian Masquerade Masks, Latex and Animal Masks

Venetian Masquerade Masks
We have the largest mask range in Australia with over 1000 different designs. Many of our masks are hand made here in Australia and are exclusive to us, when you buy one of these masks you receive a limited edition art piece and you are unlikely to find somebody else wearing the same mask. We have beautiful original designs enhanced with Swarovski crystals, feathers, and flo...
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